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Customizing displayed headers in Mozilla Thunderbird

For some reason, the new Thunderbird 3 thought it was useful to show me the content_encoding header per default, below the addressee and stuff. This header had such a long name that it disrupted the layout. Luckily, you can change what headers it displays by editing “mailnews.headers.extraExpandedHeaders” in the configuration editor.

I just removed the content_encoding header and it worked.

Configuring Thunderbird to have newest mails at the top by default

Thunderbird sorts its mails in such a way that the newest mails are at the bottom of the list by default. You can change it, but you have to change it for each folder separately, which sucks.

The solution is to set the order option with the advanced config editor before you open the folders (before you let Thunderbird create the index):

mailnews.default_sort_order = 2

LDAP search filter for Thunderbird and Zimbra

When configuring an LDAP addressbook, one thing that has given me a lot of trouble, is the LDAP filter. Here are two I use.

For thunderbird:


For Zimbra:


In Zimbra, I had to configure our ruby-ldapserver to never return more than 50 results, because in the configuration panel, it runs a test based on a search query which goes fine, but it does another query with the %s literally repeated. This causes the SQL condition that is generated to be %s% and that gives a whole lot of results, hanging Zimbra. It is beyond me why Zimbra runs this second query, but I guess it’s a bug.

Setting paper size in Mozilla products

Mozilla products, firefox and thunderbird, seem to have the strange behaviour of overriding the paper size set by the operating system; it scales the page to letter and then prints it to A4.

To fix that, you need to go into about config and set the print_paper_data parameter to 9.

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