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Hobo Lobo of Hamelin

Hobo Lobo of Hamelin is worth looking at even if just for the novelty of how the story and artwork are digitally presented (something to do with a ‘parallaxer’). But, I’d much rather let the creator do the talking:

‘Hobo Lobo of Hamelin is a thing by a dude, who’s all like, “I’M GONNA MAKE A THING.” And then he did. Or is doing. Or, you know, whatever. This dude can be found on the internet. He kerns alphabet soup and rearranges window dressing in the aether to put food on his family.’

Kart racing scores

I want to keep track of my kart racing scores:

date Track Racer fastest Time
2012-07-24 Long Beach Wiebe 55.95
2012-07-24 Long Beach Wiebe 56.22
2012-07-24 Long Beach Wiebe 58.84

Crimson Dark, a sci-fi webcomic

For a while now, I’ve been following Crimson Dark, which is a very cool, grimy sci-fi web comic. David Simon, the writer and artist, created quite the cynical bunch of characters. I love it. The story and dialog are a compliment to my intelligence, the artwork is nice (and getting better with each new chapter). Pure procrastinator’s poetry, that’s what it is.

To get a touch of the nice dark space atmosphere, below I placed the comic posted on Monday, the 14th of last December:

Crimson Dark comic for December 14, 2009

You’ll want to read from the beginning though.

TheSixtyOne, a better social music site

If you liked, you’ll love TheSixtyOne. Discovering music is turned into a reputation game. Much like, you can explore similar artists, genres, tags, moods and users. But, by doing so and hearting songs, you can earn reputation points and extra hearts. As your points increase, you level up, which gives you more authority. There’s an endless amount of quests to earn points faster and to make you discover all the facets of the application.

Just try it out. It’s fun and—unlike these days–it’s free. You can choose when and how to help these starving artists! 😀

Push the limits

Besides making good music, Enigma also writes meaningful lyrics. A quote from “Push the Limits”, from the album “The Screen Behind the Mirror”, by Enigma:
Don’t submit to stupid rules Be yourself and not a fool. Don’t accept average habits Open your heart and push the limits.
The irony of this is, that while most people agree with this, they don’t really understand it or put it into practice. This was true for me personally as well. It’s all too easy to accept consensus reality without a second thought. But this consensus reality is often misleading and it can be hard to oppose it, mostly because of social reasons. Anyway, my suggestion for today is: read the quote again and apply it. Allow your doubts to float to the surface and express them, because I know those doubts are there.

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