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Author: halfgaar

Halfgaar is Wiebe. Wiebe is a contributing author on this weblog. He also has a lot of stuff (such as long, in-depth articles) on his personal website.

Wiebe works at YTEC, where he is a senior developer of customer-specific tailor-made software (“klantspecifieke maatwerk software“) for clients in a few select markets: wholesale, printing and healthcare.

Verification of salt-archive-keyring.gpg fingerprints

Because a hacked website can easily replace GPG keys, I wanted to write down for myself what the verified fingerprints of the Salt archive keyring are: Read More »

MQTT benchmark of HiveMQ, VerneMQ, Mosquitto and FlashMQ

Watch this demoscene style benchmark of HiveMQ, VerneMQ, Mosquitto and FlashMQ: Read More »

Breaking amplifier fault current with relays and MOSFETs Read More »

FlashMQ version 0.8.0

Just released FlashMQ version 0.8.0, a multi-threaded (multi-core) lightweight MQTT server. The latest new feature is a native authentication plugin interface for easy implementation of custom authentication and authorization. Read More »

Gitlab ‘Your password expired. Please access GitLab from a web browser to update your password.’

I just fixed a very obscure error in Gitlab of 'Your password expired. Please access GitLab from a web browser to update your password.' This error would appear during SSH operations, and in various log files in /var/log/gitlab. Also XHR requests to the server got that response. Read More »

Introducing MQTT server FlashMQ version 0.5.0

Introducing my the MQTT server that I've been working on, FlashMQ. I'm starting with test version 0.5.0. It's ready for some testing and benchmarks, and of course development will continue. Read More »

Disable roaming profile for one user on a Samba domain controller

Sometimes you want to mix users with and without a roaming profile. As found here, you can use Samba's pdbedit to set the "Profile Path" to empty: Read More »

Speed up xsltproc xhml – install DTDs

I keep forgetting which package to install in Ubuntu to get the DTDs for html, to stop xsltproc from hanging forever. So, for posterity: w3c-sgml-lib. I think it was w3c-dtd-xhtml in Ubuntu 16 and older. Read More »

Setting up a Zimbra authenticated proxy

On March 18th, Synacor posted about a critical Zimbra security vulnerability (CVE 2019 9670), which was quick to be exploited in the wild, and subsequently evolved to be harder to erradicate. Read More »

Programming my friend’s remote

I built a sound system for a friend, and programmed Philips RC5 remote control into the microcontroller. I recently ordered this remote: Read More »