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Anatomy of a Mashup: Definitive Daft Punk visualised

The Man in Blue created a HTML5/CSS3 visualization of his own mashup of Definite Daft Punk, a Daft Punk discography. Besides being an interesting showcase for various pieces of HTML5, it is also a pleasing way of visualizing the anatomy of his mashup.


  1. halfgaar

    I get a notice that my firefox is too old; it needs version 4. I guess the current Firefox version number is so high, that in:

    if (currentVersion < requiredVersion)

    currentVersion causes an integer overflow…

  2. halfgaar

    But, we have made major strides in technology. On a 2x 2 GHz 64 bit CPU, displaying few moving blobs only take 2x 90% CPU.

  3. Rowan Rodrik

    It would have been kind of nice if Moore’s law had led to a doubling in performance every two years instead of a doubling of programming inefficiency. When will we be able again to burn a CD while listening to an MP3 and playing Quake like we used to be able before the turn of the century?

    We do sound old, don’t you think?

  4. Rowan Rodrik

    On the Firefox issue: that is, of course, why you should use the 64bit version of Firefox. 😉

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