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Author: Rowan Rodrik

My day job is at YTEC, where I build tailor-made software (“maatwerk software“) for clients in logistics, healthcare and printing.

I like my day job, but I would like it even more to not have (and need!) a day job, which is why I built, an index of job offers for people looking for temporary work abroad. We feature job offers in many countries. Whether you want to polish your Spanish by working in Costa Rica or working in Honduras, or whether you rather go grape picking in France, we may have wat you’re looking for.

Some history of the HJKL motion keys

hjkl for world domination.

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Nokia N79

Two weeks ago, I acquired a shiny “new” second-hand Nokia N79, because my good old Nokia 1600 (which has served me well for over three years) died as a result of drowning in my leaky tent during a high-school hiking trip in the Czech republic. Read More »

Aihato WordPress development notes

I'm collaborating with YTEC on a new website for Aihato. I've picked WordPress to do most of the heavy lifting for this project. So far, I've spent most of my time on this project to get a good development environment in working order, with WordPress living in its own directory and some deployment recipes managed from a Makefile. Read More »

Awesome window manager

I'm officially a convert. I finally went from a floating-only window manager to a tiling window manager. And it does floating too! Awesome seems to be everything that Window Maker just couldn't be for me. Read More »

Command line mistakes

Here's a nice post by Vivek Gite about ten of his biggest command line mistakes. The comments are good too.

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One of these days, I want to play with Playdar, a “Music Content Resolver”.

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MediaWiki Semantic Google Maps and Semantic Layers merged into one

While upgrading my MediaWiki installation, I noticed that my trusted, old Semantic Google Maps has been replaced by what seems to be the successor of what I considered the promising Semantic Layers extension. The new extension is simply called Semantic Maps.

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MediaWiki thumb.php and rewrite rules

May, last year, I created an empty draft for this post, because, around that time, I had gone through quite some effort before I got thumbnails for foreign file repos working just right. Now, I'm taking a dive into my MediaWiki working dirs in preparation of the creation of a separate development environment, so it's a good moment to rehash the past experience (almost as good as when I'd have done it right away). Read More »

Exemplary web design: UPM – Forest Life

UPM is a forest company. They have a website about forest life. Check it out; it's breathtakingly beautiful, its usage of Flash second to none. Read More »

Learning PC assembly language

Over the years, I've made a few half-hearted stabs at learning assembly language. In doing so I've discovered this great PC Assembly Language textbook by Paul Carter. Last October, Halfgaar and me took this free book as a starting point to rediscover the joy of programming. Read More »