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Author: Rowan Rodrik

My day job is at YTEC, where I build tailor-made software (“maatwerk software“) for clients in logistics, healthcare and printing.

I like my day job, but I would like it even more to not have (and need!) a day job, which is why I built, an index of job offers for people looking for temporary work abroad. We feature job offers in many countries. Whether you want to polish your Spanish by working in Costa Rica or working in Honduras, or whether you rather go grape picking in France, we may have wat you’re looking for.


SystemRescueCd is my favorite Linux live CD's for system recovery and related tasks. It is based on Gentoo and comes with all the right toys to make me happy. :-)

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Keyword Research Tool

If I ever have to do some SEO again, I'll try the Keyword Research Tool to make some improvements to my keyword selection process.

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Sabayon Linux

Sabayon Linux seems like an interesting distribution to try some day. Maybe.

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Technique for extracting hierarchical structure of networks

Aaron Clauset, Cristopher Moore and M.E.J. Newman published a paper in Nature about the automatic extraction of hierarchical structure of networks: Hierarchical structure and the prediction of missing links in networks. There's a free PDF of the paper on Mark Newman's personal website. Read More »

Social suicide

The 10th of October, 2009. This was the day that I committed social suicide. Now, I'm dead. I can't begin to tell you how peaceful it has been since I died, but I will anyway: “It feels fucking great!” Read More »

10 Tips for Budding Web Programmers and Designers

Some things that every new web developer should know.

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Through this article on A List Apart, I came across a new project called eCSStender, which aims to make it easier to implement and test new CSS features across different browsers using JavaScript. As a side effect it can also be used to avoid having to fork your CSS code if you want to use cutting edge CSS features that are not yet available in all browsers. Read More »

RubyGems nuisances

Because I used it successfully before, I decided to use scrAPI to scrape the entries from the old Aihato guestbook. After preprocessing the HTML a bit, I finally got beyond an endless debugging sessions (which cumulated in me discovering a whole collection of nested <html> tags, which forbad any type of sensible parsing of the page). Read More »

Some history of the HJKL motion keys

hjkl for world domination.

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