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I need a Nanny for Google Chrome

I just installed Nanny for Google Chrome, which, like LeechBlock for Firefox, should help me to recoup some of the time that is now actively being stolen by YouLube and FaceLook. If I’m too weak on my own to push back technology to its proper servile place, then I might as well use technology to do some of the pushing for me. You’re a tool, you damn computer, nothing more than that!

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  1. Rowan Rodrik

    Quite a while ago—it was probably 2011, during my zeroth year at university—I wrote down some words to keep myself from submitting to my self-sabotaging computer-addiction. Although, obviously, it didn’t have the desired magical effect of eradicating my self-destructive behavior, I still found the text to be quite powerful, so I decided I’d like to make Nanny show me these wise words when I’m exceeding my quota on powerful leeches such as Facebook. To that end I put these words to myself online at

    In addition I installed the Replace New Tab Page extension for Chrome to also display this message to myself when I’m opening a new tab (usually my first step towards the dreaded Facebook or YouTube, or whichever else sedation I’m drowning in) .

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