2018-01-03. I’m making this backpost because I just unpublished the following blurb from www.bigsmoke.us, where it accompanied the link to this blog’s Nakedness category that has since been superceded by the Tribulation.

I am a naked ape. You are too, but some of you are in denial. Privacy is dead. It was assaulted by modern communication technology and burried by Facebook (and you dug your own hole). How are you going to hide your true monkey nature when you’re fully transparent?

Everybody is still frantically protecting their image, but it’s fucking useless to post only your heroics, since everybody can see that everyone is the same. No-one can ascend their nature. No-one can ascend nature, period. We are nature and we are natural, no matter what type of holy shit we sprinkle ourselves with.

Sometimes, I feel inclined to share with you a rawer version of myself.