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Master PDF Editor for Linux

While trying to find out the quickest, cleanest way to install PDFedit program in Linux Mint, I stumbled upon Master PDF Editor for Linux, which is basically the same thing, but more advanced and closed source, but free for personal use. Read More »

Metabolism & Nutrition: learning objectives

Lectures Energy metabolism “Explain the Harris-Benedict principle.” Read More »

Tick bite log

About two months ago, I noticed, for the first time ever, the dreaded red circle around one of my first tick marks of this season. The mark was in the vicinity of the hollow of my left knee, and it was left by a tick that I had discovered about two days after it must have lodged there, plenty of time for it to dump its bacterial payload in my bload. This late discovery is fairly typical for me. I've never been very careful with registering tick bites, and over the year, I've discovered many ticks only after accidentally beheading them while thoughtlessly scratching their abdomen away. Read More »

Metabolism & Nutrition – Tutorial 3: Nutrition and epigenetics

The third tutorial for the RuG Metabolism & Nutrition course, was introduced and moderated by Torsten Plösch, who specializes in the epigenetic effects of nutrition during pregnancy. Read More »

Multiplication in BULL

Now, what will follow is the first published note about BigSmoke's Unified Linking Language (BULL), posted here not for you but for me, because my notes are such a terrible mess, covering too many pieces of papers and disjointed files. Read More »

Metabolism & Nutrition – Tutorial 1: Caloric restriction (CR)

For the 2015 Metabolism & Nutrition course at the RuG, I'm asked to read two papers on two parralel studies on increased longevity of rhesus monkeys (Macaca mulatta) through caloric restriction (CR). Colman et al. (2014) report a positive effect of caloric restriction on longevity for the study at the Wisconsin National Primate Research Center (WNPRC), but these effects could not be confirmed by Mattison et al. (2012), with macaques kept at the US National Institute on Aging (NIA). Read More »

Metabolism & Nutrition – Lecture 3: Fat metabolism

The fat metabolism lecture—lecture 3 in the RuG Metabolism & Nutrition course—is really two lectures: lecture 3A and 3B are delivered by Janine Kruit and Uwe Tietge, respectively. Read More »

Metabolism & Nutrition – Lecture 6: Proteins and amino acids

The fifth lecture in the RuG Metabolism & Nutrition course again was delivered by Janine Kruit, the topic being the metabolism of proteins and amino acids. Read More »

Metabolism & Nutrition – Lecture 4: Carbohydrate metabolism

After the fat lectures today, the 4th lecture in the RuG Metabolism & Nutrition course was about carbodydrate metabolism. Read More »

Metabolism & Nutrition – Lecture 7: Integration of metabolism

The seventh and final lecture in the RuG Metabolism & Nutrition course was again delivered by Janine Kruit. This lecture tried to integrate the topics of the previous lectures, with the take-home message being that being obese is unhealthy. Read More »