Before the company was forced by the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM) to seize most of its activities, Sicirec had always used it website to provide teak investors with a somewhat independent view of the hardwood investment market. It has to be said that Sicirec’s critical view on the management of various teak plantation made the company a little unpopular with said managers (such as Ebe Huizinga of Flor y Fauna fame).

Screenshot of my Hardwood Wiki

Like I said, Sicirec had to suspend most of her activities as an intermediary by mandate of the AFM. In order to survive and to continue the realization of their philosophy the company had to reorganize and focus on new projects. Where previously they had been focused on servicing the interests of a investments in third-party projects over which they had little to no control, they’re now developing their own projects (and also are still offering investments in the Sicirec Forestry Mixfund, which is the only investment option that remains of the old organization form).

As a previous Webmaster of, I had never been entirely satisfied by the limited possibility to really effectively inform all types of hardwood plantation investors within the constraints of a company website. That is why, during the final website cleanup round, before I resigned as Webmaster, I started a wiki about hardwood investments independently of Sicirec. With permission by Popko van der Molen, my dad and then director of Sicirec SA, I used much of the existing information about the various plantation companies that Sicirec maintained on their website as the seed content for this wiki.

Actually, most of the seed content was in Dutch, so after translating some of it for the English language wiki, I started a Dutch language version sister wiki and copied most of the content there. Since then (May, 2007), the Dutch version has grown to 500 pages, while the English version has remained at a meager 77 pages.

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