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Author: halfgaar

Halfgaar is Wiebe. Wiebe is a contributing author on this weblog. He also has a lot of stuff (such as long, in-depth articles) on his personal website.

Wiebe works at YTEC, where he is a senior developer of customer-specific tailor-made software (“klantspecifieke maatwerk software“) for clients in a few select markets: wholesale, printing and healthcare.

Making mysqldump work on a zimbra installation

Zimbra installs its own mysql and there is no workable mysqldump command. There is a mysql command wrapper script (/opt/zimbra/bin/mysql) that loads an environment to set password and such, but there is no such thing for mysqldump. I copied that wrapper script to /usr/local/bin/mysqldump so that user zimbra can no run mysqldump. This is it: Read More »

Download flash without download manager

Dowloading flash normally requires installing a stupid Adobe download manager. Who needs a download manager for 2MB? Here is the direct link to the installer.

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Malware in PDFCreator

On one of our computers, some websites behaved very weird; pages could not be found and they were redirected to I found this on Wikipedia about PDFCreator: Read More »

Checking 3ware raid controllers over ssh with nagios

First check this to see how you enable a host to be checked with nagios over SSH. Read More »

Configuring nagios checks over SSH

I had to do a lot of fiddling before I got nagios over ssh working. I used this article as source, mostly, even though I did it differently. Read More »

Dropping all Linux disk cache

sync; echo 3 > /proc/sys/vm/drop_caches


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Making apache log files world readable

Just chmod the dir, and to make sure rotated files are also readable, change /etc/logrotate.d/apache2. The mask is defined in there. Read More »

Show privileges for mysql users

(source) To show one users privilges in mysql: Read More »

Apache rewrite rule to rewrite to sub dir

One one particular site, I wanted to rewrite all requests to a sub dir. It took me over an hour, because of some obscure problem I haven't been able to identify. Read More »

Exim cheatsheet

Lazy blogging today.

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