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Installing XML catalogs on Archlinux

It took me forever to find the packages on Archlinux that contained the XML catalogs files for HTML and XHTML. So:


It installs a file in /etc/profile.d and sets SGML_CATALOG_FILES, so be sure to su – or login again.


  1. Rowan Rodrik

    This is necessary to make compiling your website not slow as shit?

  2. halfgaar

    It refused to use external catalogs, so it gave a bunch of errors about entities or something. I don’t know why it refused to download external entities. On my old Gentoo system it was slow as shit as you said, but on Arch it just errored about it…

    I’m finally able to compile my website again; it has been months since I could. And, I took the opertunity to move it to my own webserver. It is now uberfast and I don’t have to worry about space or network usage (unless I surpass my 500 GB limit Duocast gives me…). I do have to find new stats software, though.

    BTW: there was an error in the geshi processor. Apparently it was incorrect PHP usage:

    --- geshi-highlight-file.php    (revision 213)
    +++ geshi-highlight-file.php    (revision 366)
    @@ -9,7 +9,7 @@
     $source_file_extension = substr($source_file_name, strrpos($source_file_name, '.')+1);
    -if ( $file_extensions_to_geshi_languages[$source_file_extension] )
    +if ( array_key_exists($source_file_extension,$file_extensions_to_geshi_languages ))
       $geshi_language = $file_extensions_to_geshi_languages[$source_file_extension];                                                                        
       $geshi_language = $source_file_extension;

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