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The terrible state of my tech

It’s a bit pathethic how well I have been taking care of my own tech. ever since I started studying. What’s worse: this haven’t improved when I stopped my studies for other ventures. I think the reason for this is exceedingly simple: I don’t like to do work-like things I don’t write about; luckily, I love to structure my goals in writing, and this blog still hasn’t completely collapsed under my neglect.

If I love writing about stuff I do, have I simply not done anything in the past few years? Well, I’ve done things. I’ve even written about them too, in other places, mostly on paper. It’s just that, dispite working for a tech company for the last couple of years, I have done hardly a thing about ridding myself of my private technical debt. Or is it because of working at a tech company, where I’m hard at work fighting technical debts in Python/Django projects and documenting the progress in Redmine?

I won’t mention the reasons why I want to spend time on this weird, hodgy-podgy blog again. Let me just say that the main motivation is not guilt for having created a technical debt. And the actual reasons are better suited for other posts at another time.

Domain Problem Short-term fix Mid-term fix Long-term fix Spam ✔ 2017-07-18 Disable comments and ping/trackbacks on new posts.
2017-07-18 Disable comments and ping/trackbacks on old posts.
2017-07-19 Remove spam.
Security Upgrade WordPress svn:external Automatically upgrade WordPress Non-responsive Make responsive
Outdated 2018-10-28 Reduce and update content
* Huge hosting costs Find sinkhole between my NFSN accounts 2019-01-26Move to cheapsolid VM host (TransIP? Tilaa) Security Move personal posts to and replace with redirects
Replace blog with static rendering of blog
opschoot Wheezy fan Replace or re-attach fan.
Neglected backups Backup monitoring: opschoot should register itself when online and I should then be nagged if I don’t backup.
butler Legacy Move files somewhere else (public?)


  1. Rowan Rodrik

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  2. Rowan Rodrik

    Spam is actually not that big of a problem once you realize that you have a fancy phone in your pocket, that—unlike my visitor-facing theme—the admin theme is mobile-ready, and that you can just delete spam during lunch, while talking to colleagues.

  3. Rowan Rodrik

    According to my SVN log—yeah, I still have to convert that project to Git—I finished the redesign of the index page on 2018-10-28. Here’s how it looks now.

    A screenshot of the index of as of 2018-01-07.

  4. Rowan Rodrik

    This week, I finished moving all my websites from NFSN to the Tilaa cloud. Next stop,

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