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A new Archlinux upgrade, a new unbootable system

It’s that time again…

First my grub broke. So I had to type my config manually:

root (hd0,0)
kernel /vmlinux26 root=/dev/mapper/lvmopraid-root
initrd /kernel26.img

Then my logical volumes can’t be found. Type this in the recovery shell:

lvm lvchange -a e lvmopraid

I commented on an archlinux bug about this.

And then nothing started anymore on boot, because everything is migrating to systemd (as opposed to systemv), without telling me… Still working on fixing that.


  1. Rowan Rodrik

    How far into the ten year timeline of that bet are we? I’m afraid things aren’t going very well for my side of the wager.

  2. halfgaar

    A late reply, but never late than never.

    I really don’t remember when the bet was. I do know that I’m right 🙂

  3. Rowan Rodrik

    In think around 2006.

  4. Rowan Rodrik

    What does “never late than never” mean, by the way? Something along the lines of “I’m too tired to type”?

  5. halfgaar

    That is recursive reasoning, designed to give you a stack overflow.

  6. halfgaar

    And I did another upgrade, and I have a unbootable system again. This time it doesn’t assemble the RAID array (even though the mdadm hook and tool are included in the initramfs) and therefore can’t find the lvm root. When it drops to a recovery shell, type:

    mdadm --assemble --scan

    If the cure is that simple, why is it so fucking hard to get it right? I’m really getting sick of this shit.

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