I take blogging very literal. For me, the primary use of a weblog is to keep a log of (complicated) thoughts and activities. The reason to keep a log is very self-evident: to be able to find out how and why I came to some solution or how far I was in the problem-solving process. This becomes ever so clear to me when I find myself confronted with finding out something which I’m sure I already did.

Most of the time I still don’t think about blogging my thoughts because I associate writing with making a point and supporting that point well. That association is a mistake. Instead, I would like to cultivate the following reasons to blog:

  1. Writing is fun because sharing is fun.
  2. Writing is fun because reiterating an experience is liberating.
  3. Redoing my research and problem-solving is not fun.
  4. Receiving comments to your writing is fun.
  5. The very act of writing down an unsolved problem often reveals the solution.
  6. If it doesn’t, some visitor will.
  7. Often a problem is really not a problem at all. Trying to formulate such a problem will make this painfully obvious.

Blog posts don’t need a point, blogging is the point.