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Tag: xen

MAC address space for Xen

The MAC address space reserved for Xen is 00:16:3e:xx:xx:xx. Source.

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Installing Windows on Xen

Just a a kind of bookmark, I used this blog post as a base to find out how to install Windows as a DomU on Xen. I might at some point reconstruct my steps, but for now this link is all... (judging by the URL the blog won't exist much longer, but oh well...)

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Installing Xen with Lenny guest on a Debian machine

This is supersceeded by my install on Debian Squeeze). On Lenny, everything is just too outdated. Read More »

Xen console

To get the console of your Linux guests on a Xen machine, type "xm console ". Then to exit, press "ctrl-]". When in screen, do "ctrl-a, a, ctrl-]".

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