Because Roos Roos Loon has always been an application that stored its data files in the program files directory, special measures had to be taken to make sure the data files are backed up. I wanted them on a network drive. To that end, I always installed the entire program on a network drive.

But I just found out that Loon 2010 had put its data files somewhere in Documents and Settings, even though the program was stored on the network. I guess this was the first version that separated the data and program paths. However, it did so without telling me. The reason it didn’t tell me, might be because of a bug I found in 2011.

For 2010 I just changed a regkey in “currentuser\software\vb and vba\Roos Roos” or something. 2011 I was installing on another machine and I decided to reinstall it to have it nicely from scratch.

And that’s were it started to be weird. Where it asked me where to put the data files the first time I had installed it, it didn’t this time, even when I removed the aforementioned regkey on this computer. It didn’t even want to start after the reinstall anymore, until I pointed it to the 2011 data files I had deleted when removing the program. I would think it would recreate them, as they were empty anyway, but it didn’t.

I think Loon 2011 not asking for the datapath and Loon 2010 not doing it either, may be related. Perhaps if there already is Roos Roos stuff on the machine, it skips that question (being a bug).

Therefore, I suspect that when 2012 is released, it may put its datafiles in the datapath for 2011. I have to watch that.