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Epson XP-630 cartridges

Our printer is an Epson XP-630, courtesy of Marilisa’s parents who gifted it to us when we moved into our new place together. Suitable ink comes in the following multipacks:

  • C13T33374510 (24.4 ml),
  • C13T33574510 (47.0 ml),
  • C13T33374010 (24.4 ml), and
  • C13T33574010 (47.0 ml).

I ordered a supposedly compatible multipack (“Epson 33XL multipack zwart en kleur”) through for our first cartridge replacement (which has been due since Marilisa’s trip to India about half a year ago).

CUPS printer driver for my HP4050

My HP4050 has a million different drivers to choose from. Some don’t have the maximum DPI, some don’t have other options, like selecting paper output. The one that works the best seems to be “HP LaserJet 4050 Series Postscript (recommended) (grayscale, 2-sided printing)”. However, I have no idea anymore if that came from hplip, foomatic, gutenprint, or whatever.

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