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Tag: network

Learning to ‘hack’ with Security Override

In August 2011, probably while procrastinating learning for my university admission exams, with one mouldy foot still in my IT-past, I signed up for Security Override, an online game designed to turn network security n00bs such as myself into novices. Read More »

Technique for extracting hierarchical structure of networks

Aaron Clauset, Cristopher Moore and M.E.J. Newman published a paper in Nature about the automatic extraction of hierarchical structure of networks: Hierarchical structure and the prediction of missing links in networks. There's a free PDF of the paper on Mark Newman's personal website. Read More »

Adding a virtual network interface on Debian

When clustering machines, you make it possible for a failover node to be accessible on the same address as the primary node by having a virtual network interface. In Debian, you can add one like this: Read More »

Scanning the entire network for machines with nmap

You can easily scan the entire network for machine presence with nmap: nmap -sP -v -v 192.168.1.* Read More »

UTP wiring

I'm always confused about which wiring scheme to use for UTP cables. After doing some research, it seems T568B is what you need. Wikipedia says that is doesn't really matter, but crosstalk can be a problem for T568A in some esoteric situations: Read More »

Debian network bridge setup for kvm/qemu

When you run virtual machines, the most convenient network setup is having a bridge between the virtual machine and your normal ethernet network. In Debian, I use the following config in /etc/network/interfaces to have such a bridge: Read More »