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pg_html5_email_address: Postgres email validation in sync. with the HTML5 spec.

Yesterday, I released a tiny PostgreSQL extension that I use to validate email address in the backend of pg_html5_email_address validates email addresses in the same way that modern web browsers do for <input type="email"> elements.

The advantage of having email validation in your data backend to be in sync with the HTML5 spec is twofold:

  1. The HTML5 spec has a more reasonable definition of what constitutes a valid email address than RFC 5322.
  2. It’s convenient to have you HTML5 frontend and PostgreSQL backend follow the same validation rules. Since the backend of our MQTT hosting service is based on PostgREST and the frontend on Vue.js, we find it important that both PostgreSQL and HTML5 + JS have the same ideas about validation.

pg_html5_email_address is available on PGXN:

Default e-mail addresses for domains

Sometimes automated services or people need to contact some domain administrator for a certain domain. There are a couple of addresses that should be present by default. Google uses these addresses to notify you when they put you on their malware blocklist:

  1. abuse@
  2. admin@
  3. administrator@
  4. contact@
  5. info@
  6. postmaster@
  7. support@
  8. webmaster@

I think I need these for my domains to be present by default:

  1. abuse@
  2. postmaster@
  3. hostmaster@
  4. webmaster@
  5. root@

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