As people who know me know, I passionately hate TFT screens, for reasons not relevant right now. It is unfortunate that marketing has caused the superior type of monitor, the CRT, to disappear.

But, there are good sides to it, though. I was walking through a second-hand store the other day and saw and Eizo T961 21″ Flatscreen. Most people wouldn’t want such a thing because of its size, and that was probably the reason it was only 15 euros. I was curious as to its quality, so I bought it.

Aside from a few minor things and after recalibration (which these Eizo CRTs make possible through the on-screen menu), the image quality was very nice. In some respects even better than my own 19″ T766 (but granted, that one was better with it’s old picture tube, which was replaced when I had it repaired).

In any case, I now have a dual Eizo CRT setup, which cost me practically nothing.

Dual Eizo monitor setup

Dual Eizo monitor setup

Edit: I use this image for calibration: