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Tag: Debian

Quickly removing and adding bootscripts in Debian

Debian still uses the System V init scripts, which are very clumsy to use. Here are two Debian commands you might need often: Read More »

Preventing NameVirtualHost *:80 has no VirtualHosts

I often get the "NameVirtualHost *:80 has no VirtualHosts" on my webservers. It seems that every version of every distro has different requirements. My existing Debian config was fine, until I upgraded to Lenny. With fiddling, I determined the solution: Read More »

Debian network bridge setup for kvm/qemu

When you run virtual machines, the most convenient network setup is having a bridge between the virtual machine and your normal ethernet network. In Debian, I use the following config in /etc/network/interfaces to have such a bridge: Read More »

Tracking /etc/ updates with Git

During my recent Gentoo update session, I was once again confronted with the inconvenience of not having my /etc/ directory under version management. This time, I thought I had the ideal SCM for this job: Git. Read More »

Configuring a Debian satellite Exim server

A very common way to configure Exim on a Debian machine, is to make it a 'satellite'; a server which uses another SMTP server for sending and does not do local delivery, the latter being the difference with a 'smarthost'. It can be used by other computers in the network to send mail, but also by the machine itself, to send system notifications and such (one of my favorite apps, arpwatch, for example). Read More »