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Author: Rowan Rodrik

My day job is at YTEC, where I build tailor-made software (“maatwerk software“) for clients in logistics, healthcare and printing.

I like my day job, but I would like it even more to not have (and need!) a day job, which is why I built, an index of job offers for people looking for temporary work abroad. We feature job offers in many countries. Whether you want to polish your Spanish by working in Costa Rica or working in Honduras, or whether you rather go grape picking in France, we may have wat you’re looking for.

Matriux, a penetration testing and security analysis LiveCD

Matriux is a fully featured security distribution consisting of a bunch of powerful, open source and free tools that can be used for various purposes including, but not limited to, penetration testing, ethical hacking, system and network administration, cyber forensics investigations, security testing, vulnerability analysis, and much more. Read More »

Monitor the progress of Unix commands with Pipe Viewer (pv)

I just stumbled across the following post while trying to find out how to copy text from VIM using XSel without losing the selected text. It introduces Pipe Viewer, a Unix utility which is a kind of cat with a progress bar. Read More »

XSel, for command-line operations on X selections

Since I first learned that Windowmaker installs two command-line tools, wxcopy and wxpaste, to play around with X selections, I have wanted to be able to make and use X selections from my Bash shell. wxcopy and wxpaste never did what I expected them to do, so I gave up until recently I learned about all the different X selections. Read More »

Copy-pasting to and from XTerms

By default, XTerms only supports the PRIMARY selection for copy and paste. The PRIMARY selection is the one that is used by most ‘modern’ X application when you select text. This text can then usually be pasted by clicking the middle/second mouse button. Because this selection is set whenever you select, it's easily overwritten, often accidentally. That's why most newer X apps offer a parallel copy/paste mechanism where the selection is only explicitly set by choosing “Cut” or “Copy” from the application's “Edit” menu or from its context menu (or with the Control-X/C/V keyboard shortcuts). In X, this selection is called CLIPBOARD, just like in Windows where it's the only selection. Read More »

Pazera Free MOV to AVI Converter 1.2

Ewald wants to be able to make video/photo montages of his life at la Boucoule. While there last month, I helped him along with Windows Movie Maker (WMM) a bit. WMM doesn't like Quicktime video's (as outputted by his camera), so I found a simple Windows program that wraps around ffmpeg to convert these movies to AVI format: Pazera Free MOV to AVI Converter 1.2. Read More »

AJAX comment preview for WordPress

Yesterday night, after mucking around with my Subversion repo for this blog for way too long, I finally stopped annoying the designer of my new theme and uploaded it, one and a half year after the last major redesign. Anyway, while implementing the new design for the comment list , I decided it was time to have comment previews. Read More »

First steps with Subversion’s new merge tracking

A while ago we succeeded in upgrading the Debian server where I keep many of my SVN repositories. (The server was running on “testing”, but we hadn't dared to upgrade it for a long time until it came time to make it “stable” again with Lenny.) On of the upgraded packages in Lenny is Subversion, now at 1.5.1, which means that I can finally start using subversions new merge tracking features. Read More »

HP LaserJet 6P under Ubuntu

Because Arnold Pilon is migrating his workplace to Apple, I could get his old PC and peripherals for free. Among its peripherals was an old HP LaserJet 6P, still perfectly working. Read More »

Replacing the full contents of a Subversion working (sub)dir

The annoyances that I suffered earlier today during the upgrade of a WordPress plugin made me turn to my favorite text-editor to create a simple script, svn-replace-dir: Read More »

Create DVDs from any random movie format on Windows

Ewald wanted to be able to create DVDs from the Quicktime movies exported by his digital camera. As a result of being away from my familiar Linux tools, I had to find something that´d work on Windows XP. Read More »