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Halfgaar is Wiebe. Wiebe is a contributing author on this weblog. He also has a lot of stuff (such as long, in-depth articles) on his personal website.

Wiebe's day job is as a senior software developer and system administrator at YTEC.

In his free time, he built the free, open-source FlashMQ software. Together with Jeroen and Rowan, he is now building a managed MQTT hosting business around his open masterpiece.

Hike for Pie – clear lakes

There has been much talk of the “Hike for Pie” in my family-in-law, and we finally figured our for sure where it is. It’s the trail to clear lake, trail head parking lot at GPS coordinates:

  • Latitude: 44.39407007
  • Longitude: -122.00163555

Bike settings

During my holliday, somebody may change the settings on my bike, so I want to document a few key ones:

  • Angle handle bars: 25 degrees
  • Distance frame till top of seat pin: 7.5 cm (not counting the rubber seal)

Fixing the Firefox file dialogs in Linux Mint (17)

For a few months now, the file dialogs (open, save, etc) in Firefox on Linux Mint 17 KDE malfunctioned. Clicks didn’t go through and/or were interpreted as drags. I finally figured out that it was caused by the Oxygen KDE theme.

So, I installed mint-themes-gtk3 and chose Mint-X as my theme.

It is now fixed.

Fixing hanging and slow Windows Update on Windows 7

Windows 7 update service is slow to begin with, but trying it on a computer that has been off for a while is damn near impossible. This is a known issue, apparently.

You need KB3172605 to fix it.

Then supposedly, to make Windows Update faster, you can install KB2852386 to be able to remove old updates with the cleanup wizard. But, the option to remove unneeded Windows Update files never appeared for me.


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