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Metabolism & Nutrition – Eatmeter

One of the tutorials for the RuG Metabolism & Nutrition course involves keeping a food log for at least 5 days. During the introductory lecture today, we were told to use the “My diary” (NL: Mijn dagboek) function offered by the Dutch Voedingscentrum.

The diary data can be exported for use in a spreadsheet, which I have to do to calculate my mean food intake over the five days. This data then has to be submitted to before 9:00 on March 26. [Which I just did this file, as per March 25.]

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  1. Rowan Rodrik

    Registered with the Voedingscentrum today, after I realized with a shock that I have to start logging today. It took me some effort to recall and quantify the midnight snacks which I consumed upon arriving home in the middle of the night.

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