Yesterday night, after mucking around with my Subversion repo for this blog for way too long, I finally stopped annoying the designer of my new theme and uploaded it, one and a half year after the last major redesign. Anyway, while implementing the new design for the comment list , I decided it was time to have comment previews.

At some time, I had already installed (but not activated) the Live Comment Preview plugin, but that’s client-side only. I removed it because I want the comment to show as it would after being piped through all the hooks and filters that comments normally get piped through. Enter the AJAX Comment Preview plugin:

Other preview plugins don’t know what sort of changes WordPress will make to a visitor’s comment, but this plugin uses AJAX and other buzzwords to send each previewed comment through WordPress’ inner voodoo.

The result? With the click of a button, your site’s visitors can preview their comments exactly as they will appear when they submit them for realies.

You just gotta love their phrasing. 🙂 Enjoy the new preview feature.