Due to some organizational changes, past December, I had to remove the S.A. suffix from the Sicirec logo:

Sicirec logo with “S.A.” - scaled some time earlier
The original logo with the “S.A.” suffix intact.

After removing the S.A. suffix from the vector file in Illustrator’s vector format, I wanted to export the logo to a small PNG again. Annoyingly, though, the PNG—if I wanted Illustrator to respect the correct aspect ratio—could not be the same width as the original PNG if I gave it the same height; it would always be one pixel higher. If, however, I exported it as a huge PNG corresponding to the vector’s original dimensions and scaled it down in The GIMP, the dimensions turned out about the same.

It was then that I noticed that The GIMP’s scaling algorithm is actually very decent. From just looking at the two images below, you need a moment or two to notice that one is a little sharper than the other. Obviously, that’s the Illustrator version.

Sicirec logo without “S.A.” - scaled in The GIMP Sicirec logo without “S.A.” - scaled in Adobe Illustrator

In the end, though, neither version integrated easily with the complex layout which I had based around the logo image, so I simply opened the existing PNG image in The GIMP and erased the S.A. suffix.

Sicirec logo with the “S.A.” suffix removed in The GIMP
The original PNG after the GIMP treatment.

I still don’t understand why I couldn’t repeat the scaling result of the original image in Illustrator. But, I’ve probably wasted enough time on a rounding issue that isn’t even an issue…