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Using the standard HTML link colors

Occasionally, I have to foray into web design. From the look of this blog you can deduce that I’m not really into the design part of web design. First and foremostly this is because I suck at graphics and colors. But another reason is that I assume that people visit my blog to read some text and not to look at the fancy graphical borders and background of that text.

Recently I’ve gotten into the habit of simply using the default HTML link colors instead of trying to come up with a comprehensible color scheme for each design. This means that my links are blue, my visited links are purple and my active links are red as in the example CSS snippet below.

a:link {
 :;     /* #00f */
a:visited {
 :;   /* #800080 */
a:active {
 :;      /* #f00 */

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1 Comment

  1. Rowan Rodrik

    I do have to say that the design of my blog was a little bit worse at the time that I made this post. 😉

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