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Rowan Rodrik van der Molen


Norg, on an April the 8th in 1982: It was around 18:45 when my mother’s physician arrived, leaving his dessert untouched at home, just in time to witness my birth. (I was my mother’s fourth already and she never took much time between anouncing a birth and giving birth.) Without much further ado, I was delivered into this world as a sacky, slow, little fellow. So slow, in fact, that it was wondered by some (not my mom) if I wasn’t suffering Down Sydrome or something similar.


My father’s family name was van der Molen. This is what I inherited. To make me uniquely identifyable within our family, I was given a first name, Rowan. To also make things a little symmetrical, a middle name, Rodrik, was added some years later.

This is me, in 2004, copy-pasted between some rowan berries.

This is me, in 2004, copy-pasted between some rowan berries.

Geek Code

Version: 3.1
GCS/IT/LS/MC/SS/TW d-(+) s:++ a? C++$ UL+++$ P++$ L+++$ E--- W+++$ N++ o K-
w---$ O? M->+ V? PS+++ !PE Y+ PGP-(++) t 5 X R(-) !tv b++@ Dl D G !e- !h !r

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