Another release from the long list of PostgreSQL extensions that I’m splitting off from the database schemas that make up our rock-solid MQTT hosting platform issss: pg_role_fkey_trigger_functions. That extension name is quite the mouthful. From its readme (again courtesy of pg_readme):

The pg_role_fkey_trigger_functions PostgreSQL extension offers a bunch of trigger functions to help establish and/or maintain referential integrity for columns that reference PostgreSQL ROLE NAMEs.

Many extensions are yet to come, because I’ve found that dependencies in themselves aren’t bad, as long as they are used side by side, and not needlessly stacked on top of each other. That they are no longer 100% internal to the migrations belonging to the app doesn’t worry my, because:

  1. I still maintain them myself anyway, and
  2. the migrations can (and will) use specific extension versions, so that, in fact, no control and cohesion is lost, even while some decoupling and modularity is being won.