I released pg_readme a couple of days ago. From the (auto-generated, inception-style, by pg_readme) README.md:

The pg_readme PostgreSQL extension provides functions to generate a README.md document for a database extension or schema, based on COMMENT objects found in the pg_description system catalog.

This is a split-off from the PostgreSQL database structure that I’ve developed for the backend of our managed MQTT hosting platform. There will be many more of split-off PostgreSQL extensions to follow. Although I like my home-grown migration framework (soon to also be released), pushing reusable parts of schemas into separate extensions has a couple of advantages:

  1. easier sharing between projects;
  2. more decoupling between schemas, making migrations easier;
  3. more documentation and testing discipline due to releasing code as open source (peeing in public); and
  4. simpler, cleaner, more well-boundaried code.