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Family, Friends & Acquaintances

Ynske Ylonda van der Molen

I used to share a bedroom with Ynske. This was even more fun than sharing one with Jorrit, because Ynske was always the coziest of everyone. The best thing was that Ynske was born in 1980. This made her only two instead of Jorrit’s four to five years older than me. It used to be so that when I tried to stay awake untill Jorrit had to go to bed, I would inevitably fail, whereas with Ynske we shared the same bed-time for a while. Her company also greatly alleviated my fear of muggers and robbers who jumped at me from my bed-time stories.

2006 "Oelebred" School trip: Attacking students is just so wrong!

2006 Oelebred School trip: Attacking students is just so wrong!

At 26, she’s still a loving, little lady. All the warmth and love which she already posessed as a little child, she now spreads among the children which she teaches.

Before she finished her PABO education to become a certified grade-school teacher, she has taught voltige and horseback riding at riding school Manege de Bongerd. She still keeps her horse at this riding school.

2006 "Oelebred" School trip: Happy teachers make happy pupils.

2006 Oelebred School trip: Happy teachers make happy pupils.

2006 "Oelebred" School trip: Even more happy teachers.

2006 Oelebred School trip: Even more happy teachers.

Notes about my family

It could be interesting to put some genealogical information here, if you’re into that sort of thing, which I am not.

Me and my siblings

Born Gender Given name
1974 Arwen Adinda
1976 Jorrit Jorik
1979 Ynske Ylonda
1982 Rowan Rodrik
1984 Myrna Marinda
1987 Laurelin Lucinda

The Duijm branch

My mother’s maiden name is Duijm. She decided to trade back my father for her maiden name after a tiresome marriage of some twenty years.

La Boucoule
100 ha. peace & space in the Haute-Provençe

La Boucoule is an old Provençal farm in the south of the Drôme. An aunt, Nora Roman, lives there together with Ewald Zimmermann, her two kids and some donkeys, dogs, cats, chickens and horses. The farm is located northern of the mont Ventoux.

I’ve spend quite some time there to help with eating, repairing, building and maintaining things.

‘t Weitje

‘t Weitje is Ton van der Linden and Klaartje Duijm. Their website has some information about their various activities: mostly education and language related.

The van der Molen branch

I got my surname, van der Molen, from my father, Popko Peter van der Molen.

If you’re interested in van der Molen’s in general, you might want to check out the Van der Molen’s Online Community.

Hugo van der Molen

Popko’s brother, Hugo van der Molen, has an extensive website with:

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