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Januari the first, a very good day to announce a new project that I’ve been working on this past year. Which I did, on Facebook and Twitter. Now, five days later, it’s time te repeat the announcement to give it some much-needed link-juice. I know that normal people don’t follow this blog. (I don’t even follow this blog!) But it does have PageRank. And it does have 4000 monthly visitors. Time for some link-whoring!

PFMS search screen - top

PFMS search screen - top

PFMS search screen - bottom

PFMS search screen - bottom is a website for adventurers who’re looking for paid work abroad. Whether you want to work in Europe, work in Afrika, work in Asia, work in Australia or whether you just want to do some seasonal work anywhere but home (grape picking, strawberry harvest, whatever you fancy). Of course we have many types of work: office jobs, tourism jobs, healthcare jobs, childcare jobs, wildlife jobs, anything.

The cool thing about payformystay, though, is that we only sport paid jobs. So, no wrestling through page after page of crappy offers where some evil cunt swine tries to make you pay for your own work. That’s right! Job offers on must at the very least include full board (something like a bed or tent and 3 meals daily) or enough pay to cover these basic living expenses! Offers are audited and violators are fed to the spammers.

Go get yourself a piece of the action: – where people get paid to go on adventure

Peace out. End of announcement.

Have fun! Be scared! Be tough! And be safe!

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      Comment by Helpful user
      On August 20, 2012 at 20:02

      Your link to “” has an extra quote in it, so the site doesn’t load.

    2. (permalink)
      Comment by Rowan Rodrik
      On August 21, 2012 at 17:33

      Thanks for pointing out the error, Helpful user! 🙂

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